275.3: Flood and Tower of Babel (OT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 6, Study Notes)

February 6, 2018

Engaging Gospel Doctrine

“Noah … Prepared an Ark to the Saving of His House”


This episode concludes with

  • A discussion of the flood and Tower of Babel narratives in Biblical and historical context (as well as reviewing a few other Ancient Near Eastern Flood stories)
  • Some theological possibilities for understanding the relationship between these events and LDS scripture
  • Insights from science
  • Reflections on the nature of God
  • The benefits of wrestling with scripture in a “challenge and be challenged by” approach.


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Class Member Reading: Moses 8:19–30; Genesis 6–9; 11:1–9; Hebrews 11:7

Additional Reading: Moses 7:32–36

Other Reading: Genesis 10


Anna, Brian, Jake and Sheldon continue the discussion.


You can access the Annotated Reading here (or PDF)

You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF)



Lesson Part 2

0:00 Overview

1:33 Genesis 6

4:22 Different sources for different flood stories in Genesis

12:58 Extra-biblical flood narratives

17:59 Noah’s nudity

19:46 Tower of Babel

28:58 Science of Semitic language origins

Lesson Part 3

29:44 Flood in LDS culture

Discussion Part 2

39:54 Flood narratives including metaphor of birth/creation via Noachic Flood

51:15 Tower of Babel

Discussion Part 3

54:34 LDS teachings regarding the flood

1:02:35 Challenging the flood: theologically

1:13:40 Challenging the flood: scientifically

1:23:30 Constructive ways to talk about the flood

1:30:35 Approaching the absurdity found in scripture




Thanks to Jim Henderson for content editing, James Estrada for his audio editing, and to Steven Nelson for the beautiful bumper music.

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