190: A Tale of Two Kings (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 17)

“A Seer … Becometh a Great Benefit to His Fellow Beings”


Zeniff is a largely unknown but fascinating figure who went from spy to king… and had terrible judgment when it came to choosing a successor. The contrast between Zeniff and his son Noah teach important lessons about accountability and the way we see and treat others.


Class Member Reading: Mosiah 7-11


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One Response to “190: A Tale of Two Kings (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 17)”

  1. Christian Says:

    An idea for extensions: You did a nice discussion about the difference between “prophet, seer, and revelator” out of deference to the lesson title, and mentioned several times that we sustain all our apostles as such, but I was surprised you didn’t mention historically why we do that. I think the whole story of the tyranny of Brigham Young, followed by the Quorum insisting on getting equal billing before they would ordain John Taylor–and fighting about it for 3 years–is a useful counterweight to all this “apostles are always in perfect harmony” nonsense we get post-correlation. I’m also not sure everybody knows this is why we had such a long interregnum between prophets #2 and #3.


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