May 28, 2016


194: Kings, Judges, and War (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 21)


“Alma … Did Judge Righteous Judgments”   In these chapters, we need to challenge the narrator. Mormon assures us that Alma is right and Nehor is wrong, that the Nephites are just and the Amlicites are wicked. But a closer reading challenges, or at least nuances these claims, giving us an opportunity o explore bias […]

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May 22, 2016


193: The Conversion of Alma the Younger (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 20)


“My Soul Is Pained No More” We all know the story of the conversion of Alma the Younger, but too rarely pause and ask the deeper questions that add richness and applicability to this narrative. Why did Alma want to destroy the Church? If God can send an angel ex machina to convince someone of […]

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May 18, 2016


192: Covenant, Surrender, and Deliverance (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 19)


“None Could Deliver Them but the Lord”   This reading is a study in contrasts–covenantal cooperation vs. exploitation, desperate vengeance vs. trusting submission. Alma’s baptismal covenants teach us to bear each other’s burdens, mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those in need of comfort. The contrasting stories of the enslavement of Limhi and Alma’s […]

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May 10, 2016


191: The Trial of Abinadi (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 18)


“God Himself … Shall Redeem His People”   Abinadi is like a Spy-Prophet-Debater-Theologian as he sneaks back into the land of Shilom, speaks out against wickedness of king and people, and finally digs into some hard-hitting theology as he debates Noah and his priests. These chapters address themes such as submission, the nature of God, […]

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May 8, 2016

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190: A Tale of Two Kings (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 17)


“A Seer … Becometh a Great Benefit to His Fellow Beings”   Zeniff is a largely unknown but fascinating figure who went from spy to king… and had terrible judgment when it came to choosing a successor. The contrast between Zeniff and his son Noah teach important lessons about accountability and the way we see and […]

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May 6, 2016


189: Becoming Children of Christ (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 16)


“Ye Shall Be Called the Children of Christ”   The culmination of King Benjamin’s speech summarizes the entire gospel and provides the key to genuine conversion.  Benjamin’s main argument is that God has given everything, and we too must give. Caring for others physically, emotionally, and spiritually is the key to conversion and maintaining a […]

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April 23, 2016


188: Pay It Forward (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 15)


“Eternally Indebted to Your Heavenly Father”   King Benjamin’s sermon is a rhetorical and theological masterpiece, addressing key questions such as the nature of humankind,  the suffering of hell, condescension of Christ, and what God exactly needs from us. Natasha, Jody, and Nathan join the class.   Class Member Reading: Mosiah 1-3     Recurring Donation: […]

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April 4, 2016


187: Closing the Small Plates (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 14)


“For a Wise Purpose”   Between Jacob and Mosiah we have an intermission of sorts, a transition between the Small and Large Plates. The books of Enos, Jarom, Omni, and Words of Mormon cover eight main characters and eight hundred years. This portion of the Book of Mormon reveals striking complexity and illuminates the nature of […]

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March 26, 2016


186: The Allegory of the Olive Trees (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 13)


“The Allegory of the Olive Trees”   Jacob 5 is long, but relatively transparent–it is easy to discern that the vineyard is the world; the Lord is well, the Lord; and that the trees represent people. It makes sense that the “tame olive tree” is Israel and the “wild olive trees” represent Gentiles. But even […]

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March 15, 2016


185: Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God (BoM Gospel Doctrine Lesson 12)


“Seek Ye for the Kingdom of God”   Jacob tears into his community over their pride, materialism, and sexual morality. This episode discusses personal responsibility, mindfulness, God’s will respecting wealth, how respect underlies chastity, as well as tackling the topic of polygamy.   Class Member Reading: Jacob 1 – 4   Recurring Donation: $10   $25   $50 […]

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